Not in the mood for a smoothie today? That's why Over the Top serves nothing but nutritious products in Bozeman, MT. Aside from our smoothies, we also carry nutritious snack items. We have all the necessary products to help you obtain a well- balanced meal and keep you at the peak of healthiness.

Our nutritional menu items are made from healthy, wholesome ingredients. They're perfect for any lifestyle. When you're craving an afternoon snack, don't reach for chips or candy. Turn to us for a nutritional choice instead. Keep your mind and body sharp with our wide variety of products.

Snack on our delicious junk food alternatives

Just a few of our other choices are:

Protein bars

Soup mixes

Beverage mixes

Meal Bars

Soy nuts

Stop by Over the Top today to keep your stomach occupied all day long. You'll love our tasty snack and meal items.

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Nutrition for the 24 hour athlete