Are you looking for ways to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle? Are your trying to lose weight? Over the Top can help. We offer individual personalized nutritional counseling, healthy nutritional smoothies in Bozeman, MT. Based on clinical studies, plant based protein is best for overall nutrition and long term hunger control. These smoothies have many health benefits that even dairy can not provide such has being "gut friendly" for lactose intolerant people. Our goal here at Over the Top is to provide a product that is locally grown and close to nature. This will naturally boost your metabolism and help you reach your goal weight. Along side with that, all our products are NSF and BSCG tested and certified safe for NCAA athletes.

Our delicious smoothies can easily serve as a meal. Stop by our location today to order a smoothie for breakfast or lunch.

Take a look at our nutritious options

Each time you stop by Over the Top you receive these three items. Check them out below:

A three-ounce shot of liquid aloe vera:

This works as a probiotic to help regulate your digestive system.

16 ounce combination of green, black and oolong tea:

This will give you the boost you'd otherwise get from coffee, soda or an energy drink. It contains antioxidants and will give you that natural cleanse.

Meal smoothie:

High in protein and under 300 calories. It includes complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids and plant-based protein.

Stop in now to discover this perfect combination.